Society of Security Experts

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Who are we ?
In Europe there are a lot of security companies, some more professional and reliable than others. For a client it is not always easy to find a reliable and professional security company.
The society is a non-profit organisation; we register security companies in the Netherlands and Belgium who are up to our S.S.E standards.
Is the security company capable enough to give you full service? Are they working with certified staff members? Can they guarantee always full service, what if staff members become ill? Are management and staff members capable of delivering a high security level?
All of these questions are answered if you see this seal

The society permits only security companies as member if they qualify the S.S.E terms of membership.
Our goal is to provide clarity to clients who and what security companies belong to the top security providers.
S.S.E members are reliable, professional, integer and are sustainable business partners.
S.S.E members have a long time experience in de security business, they work only with certified and experienced staff members and have a solid financial base.
S.S.E reviews every 3 months if members are still up to the S.S.E standards.
If a member is not up to the standards, during the review, he will be expelled of the S.S.E members list. The expelled member is not longer allowed to use the S.S.E member title.

Member Titles:

Member of the Society of Security Experts
All members.
Honourable Member of the Society of Security Experts
Only members who has distinguished themselves or those members who are longer than 5 years member of the s.s.e.
Certified Expert in Security & Risk Management
All members.

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